What is RTI ?

Every citizen has a right to know how the Government is functioning. Right to Information empowers every citizen to seek any information from the Government.

What information can be asked using RTI ?

RTI can be used to get any information held by the government unless it is not a threat to the national security.

RTI's commonly used in following cases

  • Get copies of answer sheet from any exam conducting board (Eg: GATE, IIM, UPSC etc)
  • Status of passport, driving license, ration card, aadhar card applications
  • PF withdrawl and transfer status
  • Pension and IT refund status
  • To know whether a college or course is UGC Approved or not
  • MP/MLA fund usage and Gram Panchayat expenditure details

What is OnlineRTI ?

OnlineRTI is a service for filing RTI application. We draft your application as per the rules, find the correct PIO address, pay the fees using IPO or Demand Draft and send the application using speed post.

Why should I use OnlineRTI ?

In today's busy world, OnlineRTI is a convenience for citizens to file RTI. While our team drafts your application, goes to post office to pay fees and file the applicaion, you can spend your valuable time in other interesting things.

How do I know you filed my RTI application ?

You will receive speed post tracking link along with the soft copy of your application. As your application goes through different stages in our drafting process, you will be notified of the progress.

How does OnlineRTI work ?

After you file the application and pay the fees, our experts will draft the application as per RTI rules and file the application on your behalf. You will get the information by post from the concerned authority within 30 days.

Can you guarantee I will receive my information ?

RTI act guarantees that the PIO should respond to an application within 30 days. However in some cases, users never get the information sought. In scenarios where the information was not provided you can file for first appeal.

How to file RTI application using our website ?

Does OnlineRTI receive the response on behalf of the complainant ?

No we don't receieve the response. The response will reach you directly.

How many days does it take to get the response from the government (PIO) ?

  • 30 days from the date of application
  • 48 hours for information concerning the life and liberty of a person
  • 5 days shall be added to the above response time, in case the application for information is given to Assistant Public Information Officer.

Does OnlineRTI act as an anonymous RTI activist?

At present we don't allow anonymous filing. If you want anonymous filing go here